CoolAir – Personal Air Cooler

CoolAir is the latest personal air cooler which also works as air purifier and humidifier. Its designed very compactly to make it easily portable. The cooler has 7 inbuilt LED colors which can be adjusted as per your mood. Using this gadget is very easy. Just Open the door, add water or ice into the cabin, connect with power supply and switch on. It automatically switches off if the water tank empties.

What’s the buzz around CoolAir Devices, AKA the “Cheapest Air Conditioning Device”? These are hot summer days, and people are after CoolAir products to cool down. So how exactly does this little device work? Does it really pull warm air from the room and cool it down? Is it really that cheap? We had the same questions, so we ordered CoolAir. Below, please find our review.

If you are living in a region with hot and dry climate, you may know how much relief it feels when you turn on the fan. Just a breeze of air is able to give you a sense of relief but still, it only provides you with the hot air that is in your surroundings. An air cooler is one product that we should all have whether it be at work or home. With that, I would like to introduce you to CoolAir which is manufactured by HypersTech and may help to keep your environment cooler.


What Does it Come With?

Once we received our CoolAir Device, we found:

  1. Air Cooler
  2. 1 USB Power Cable
  3. 1 Instruction Guide
  4. “I love CoolAir” sticker

Some tips

  1. Placement: Put it in a place you can easily turn it to make other spots in your room feel cooler quicker. This doesn’t matter after about ten minutes, when the entire room feels cooler already. However, if you are looking for a quick way to cool yourself, placing it near you will definitely do the trick.
  2. Filling the water tank: If you fill it up with cold water (and even few ice cubes!) it will need less time and power to chill out the room. Weather you have tap water, or a cooler, try using cold water and see the difference.
  3. Light: comes with 8 different light colors. I personally like the blue one, but (the default color). I do turn it off completely at night, as I am easily annoyed by any sort of light. Just press the color switching button until it turns off.
  4. Air Conditioning: Try turning off the larger air conditioning unit(s) in your room while CoolAir is working. For most rooms it will be more than enough, saving you money on expensive traditional air conditioning.

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Where to order from?

We recommend ordering Coolair Here as they offer free worldwide delivery. Important to note is that we did not have any hidden fees. The package arrived quickly and we able to successfully track it along the way.

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